The Best 25-Minute Busy Weeknight Fixes

You picked the kids up from school an hour ago and things haven’t settled down since. You know for a fact they have homework they’re not working on, soccer practice is in two hours, the place is a mess, and oh yeah, what’s for dinner tonight? On those nights where’s there’s just too much going on — which, let’s be honest, is most nights when school starts — you need something quick and easy. We’re here to help you solve for that weeknight rush, with 7 recipes that will take you less than one episode of TV.

1. Pizzadilla: 15 minutes

This presto pizza is perfect for those chaotic nights, and, even better, it’s a healthy alternative to regular pizza. And it’s only going to take you 15 minutes.

2. BBQ Chicken Ranch Sandwich: 12 minutes

It’s a tasty sandwich with tang, so the kids will be sure to eat it. And it’s going to take you less than 15 minutes to make. Get lost in this sauce!

3. Jim Kelly’s Buffalo Sub: 10 minutes

This is a perfect option for households with multiple little ones. In just 10 minutes, you can serve up six sandwiches. Delicious and super simple!

4. Black Forest Ham Sandwich: 5 minutes

Hey, time is of the essence here. When you’re really up against a wall, reach for the Black Forest Ham Sandwich. It’s a hearty sandwich that’s only going to take you five minutes to prepare. Black-Forest-Ham-Sandwich

5. Polish Sausage: 15 minutes

You don’t need a grill to get your sausage cooked to perfection. Save this for something different, in case the kids tire of the other quick fixes. Polish-Sausage

6. Turkey, Apricot & Brie Panini: 7 minutes

This option is sweet AND savory — and who can beat a special-sounding dinner on the table is under 10 minutes? It’s a healthier alternative at dinner and the kids are going to love it.

7. Ham Waffles: 12 minutes

Diversity is key to keeping these weekday evening quick fixes popular among the family. So surprise and delight them with a little “brinner” – Ham Waffles to be exact! These breakfast classics are packed with protein to keep the little ones growing and full.


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