5 Ways to Make Better Pizza with Lunch Meat

5 Ways to Make Better Pizza with Lunch Meat 5 Ways to Make Better Pizza with Lunch Meat
The (only) problem with pizza night is that it just gets too routine. My family gets the same sauce, same toppings, even the same kind of dough when we make it at home. It always tastes great — but after doing the same thing every single time, I have to admit: Pizza night lost a bit of its charm. So, in my quest to discover some deep-dish diversity, I found recipes making pizza with something I ALWAYS have in the fridge: lunch meat. Trust me on this one. Lunch meat is the secret twist to take your pizza from average to amazing. Here are 5 recipes that prove it.


This is a fun recipe that’s great to make with kids, not just because it’s easy, but because it’s super colorful. Just chop up some of that Land O'Frost Premium Smoked Ham and the veggies you want. The kids will marvel at this medley of colors, and in just 15 minutes, you have pizza presto!

Hawaiian Pizza Bites

Switch it up with a beautiful bite-size pizza that fits into the palm of your hand. It’s a new twist on pizza that’s both savory AND sweet. All you need is your Premium Old Fashioned Cooked Ham and traditional pizza ingredients (yes, that means pineapple), and these pretty pizza bites are ready in 15 minutes.

15-Minute Hawaiian Pizza

If you liked that recipe above and want a whole Hawaiian pizza next time, I have you covered. It’s just as fast to make the whole pizza, so try it out if the kids go bonkers for the bite-size. Hawaiian Pizza - Skinny

Breakfast Pizza

It’s good to have a wild card up your sleeve and that’s exactly what “brinner” (breakfast-dinner) is. Try this breakfast pizza next pizza night, or pizza morning, that’s up to you. Take some of that Land O’Frost Canadian Bacon, hash browns, peppers and onions, and make yourself a savory breakfast pizza your fam can slam at any time of the day. Breakfast Pizza - Skinny

Quick Homemade Pizza

If the kids aren’t as adventurous and just like what they like, hey, let’s give it to them. This is a simple recipe — but you can still treat it like a blank canvas. Throw some Land O'Frost Breakfast Cuts – Natural Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon, or some oven-baked ham. Lunch meat plays great with pepperoni, so your kids are sure to crush this quick homemade pizza! Homemade Pizza


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