Land O’Frost Youth Sports Initiative

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Our Youth Sports Initiative
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The Land O’Frost Youth Sports initiative has benefited thousands of children across the country. And we don’t plan on slowing down. We’re fueled by the children and their families participating together in healthful, well-rounded experiences and we’re excited to continue to grow the program further through our Rewards App.

Start earning bonus dollars for your local Land O’Frost sponsored youth sports league by purchasing Land O’Frost lunchmeat and scanning the UPC code on our packaging in the app. You can also register for fun promotions, and receive coupon offers & recipes.

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Fueling Youth Sports Across the Country

Asheville 188
Birmingham 212
Charlotte 738
Chicago 222
Denver 239
Indianapolis 725
Jacksonville 355
Knoxville 217
Las Vegas 207
Louisville 167
Madisonville 43
Minneapolis 483
Nashville 587
NW Arkansas 380
Phoenix 597
Portland 458
Raleigh 406
Sacramento 221
Salt Lake City 1,483
San Antonio 523
Seattle/Tacoma 1,347
Springfield 340
Tampa 251
Denver 239 Teams Minneapolis 483 Teams Chicago 222 Teams Indianapolis 725 Teams Madisonville 43 Teams Jacksonville 355 Teams Tampa 251 Teams Louisville 167 Teams Nashville 587 Teams Knoxville 217 Teams Asheville 188 Teams Charlotte 738 Teams Raleigh 406 Teams Salt Lake City 1,483 Teams Seattle/Tacoma 1,347 Teams Portland 458 Teams Sacramento 221 Teams Las Vegas 207 Teams Phoenix 597 Teams San Antonio 523 Teams Birmingham 212 Teams Springfield 340 Teams NW Arkansas 380 Teams

Interested in Signing Up Your League?

If you’re interested in signing your youth sports league up for a sponsorship, please consider that teams must be between the ages of 4 – 10 years old, we only sponsor recreational teams (no travel or competitive), and the monetary donations made to an accepted league are determined case-by-case based on the partnership agreement.