Simple Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

As a mom, I’m always desperately searching for quick and simple breakfast options for my family. We’re always on the go and in need of some different breakfast foods, besides the typical cereal or frozen waffles. These simple breakfast sandwiches are key to quick breakfasts either eaten at home or taken on the go. The best part is they also taste great when made ahead of time and stored in a container or plastic bag. The next morning, pop them in the microwave to heat the egg through and you’re ready to go!


Breakfast sandwich flavor combinations are endless. Whether you’re the classic sausage, egg and cheese person or favor a bacon and egg sandwich, a few extra ingredients go a long way to boost flavor. Think about adding fresh vegetables like tomatoes, spinach or avocado to your sandwiches to make the perfect breakfast creation. Below you’ll find three quick, yet diverse sandwiches that will leave you ready for the day, while also satisfying your taste buds.

Three Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

  1. Southwestern Sandwich
  2. Inside Out French Toast Sandwich
  3. Classic Turkey Sandwich
Now that you have a few easy sandwich ideas, try experimenting with a variety of other ingredients. The possibilities are endless.


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