Your Guide to Super Bowl Appetizers

Can you believe that the Super Bowl is almost here? It’s time to freshen up those appetizer recipes and start party planning. By keeping the party menu basic with a few added twists, you’re sure to wow your guests, since flavor goes a long way with hungry football viewers. Here’s a list of basic appetizers to consider serving:

1. Chicken Wings

They’re a Super Bowl staple. If you want to try something different this year, search online for unique takes like coconut curry or lemon pepper garlic sauces.

2. Dips

You can’t go wrong with French onion, salsa and cheese dips. Serve them with chips, pita crisps, pretzels and vegetables to satisfy all tastes.

3. Nachos

Since chips will most likely already be in your house, use them to make tasty nachos. Whip up a meat-filled and vegetarian option to please different palates.

4. Chili

Everyone loves chili! Serve it with hot dogs, buns and toppings to create a coney bar.

5. Foot-Long Sandwiches

Make foot-long sandwiches ahead of time, or set all the ingredients out on the counter and let guests make their own.

6. Pigs in a Blanket

These quick appetizers are especially great for parties with kids. And they’re easy to make—just wrap sausages in biscuit dough, then bake.

7. Soft Pretzels

Don’t forget to provide mustard and cheese sauce for dipping.

8. Pizza

Order delivery (though the wait might be outrageous), or make them at home.

9. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

It’s a pretty simple dish to offer, especially if you prepare the pulled pork in the slow cooker!


Did you know that during the 2014 Super Bowl, 1.2 billion chicken wings were consumed? I’m sure there are hundreds more appetizers that would be perfect to serve at your Super Bowl party. These ideas just scratch the surface. No matter what you decide to serve, your guests will have satisfied, full bellies.


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