Our Favorite Recipes for Mexican Night

It never fails. I tell the kids I’m feeling like Mexican food tonight, they say Taco Bell. Look, I love tacos just as much as the next mom, but I feel like I’m cheating my kids. When I say Mexican food, I mean REAL Mexican food, not just the crunchy tacos my kids crave. So I decided to broaden their horizons, and wouldn’t you know it, our family’s Mexican Night has evolved into so much more in our house. The following are now our favorite recipes for Mexican Night:

1. Lunch Meat Enchiladas

Think outside of the lunch box! That delicious lunch meat can serve your whole family for dinner, and especially on Mexican Night. Normal enchiladas take FOREVER, but you can make these in under an hour. Just get a pound of that Land O'Frost Premium Oven Roasted Chicken Breast and prepare for easy, outstanding enchiladas!

2. Ingredient Slow Cooker Tacos

Set it, forget it and move on to enjoying your day. The slow cooker was made for busy moms, and it’s just as serviceable on Mexican Night. These tacos are a great source of warmth for those chilly fall nights, and best, you don’t have to sit through a drive-thru line to get them!

4. Mexican-Style Street Corn

If your kids love food that’s creamy and cheesy, then Mexican-Style Street Corn might just become their favorite Mexican dish. Add your kid’s favorite Land O’Frost lunchmeat and serve them up something different next Mexican Night. Just be ready to make it again on the next one.

5. Hamchiladas

This is a fun recipe your kids can help with. Let the kids roll up their sleeves before rolling up that hearty ham and cheese, and you have dinner in literally 25 minutes. They’re so easy to make, just consider them Mexican Night magic!

6. Southwest Breakfast Omelette

Ok it’s not south of the border, but it’s close. Switch things up with a little surprise “brinner” tonight and serve the kiddos a Southwest Breakfast Omelette. They’re super easier to make and even picky eaters love their eggs and bacon.  


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