Healthy Habits

This time of year with all of the holiday baking and a couple of days centered around huge meals, it’s hard to get off track of your healthy lifestyle. You tend to think to yourself, ‘I’ve already done all of this damage, I might as well keep going because it tastes so good!’ Well, you don’t have to think that way. Even when you’re not on your normal schedule and you’re away from home, try some of these ideas to keep your healthy lifestyle on track!   race-2011-193x300
  • Make time every day to exercise. Take your whole family out for a walk, do some push-ups and jumping jacks in your hotel room, research the local gyms or YMCA for a day pass to the gym, or better yet, run around with the kids in your family. There also tend to be a lot of races going on around the holidays like a reindeer run, turkey trot, or cold winter’s day run!
  • Watch your portions. Grab a smaller plate instead of a large dinner plate to make it look like you got more food than you really did. If you can’t do that, just grab a taste of everything that is served, that way you can try everything without making you stuffed. Speaking of stuffed, don’t eat until you’re full. That’ll just make you feel uncomfortable and leave no room for a little dessert!
  • Drink water. Keep a glass of water with you at all times so you’ll be reminded to drink it. Not only will this keep you less hungry, but it’ll also keep you hydrated and healthy to fight off any sickness that you may catch!
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  • Eat your veggies. Get extra portions of veggies, when served, and eat them first. That way, you’ll fill up on good fiber and nutrients, and you won’t need to fill your belly with bread or other fixings.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. At least grab a piece of fruit or something to boost your metabolism and avoid over eating at lunch.
What other things do you do to keep healthy around the holidays?


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