Five Tips for Amazing Omelets

Five Tips for Amazing Omelets Five Tips for Amazing Omelets
I love omelets, but I only learned to make good ones at home about a year ago. Once I spent some time with a friend who is an omelet-making pro, I discovered some tips and tricks for making an amazing omelet. I thought I’d share five of those tips with you today.

1. Stick to two-egg omelets.

My biggest problem was that I always tried to make one giant omelet for my whole family, which was hard to get cooked through and hard to flip once it was done. I now stick to two-egg omelets (which serves one or two people, depending on appetites). I may spend more time at the stove, but two-egg omelets always turn out great.

2. Use water, not milk.

Add two scant teaspoons of water to your eggs before beating them. This will make your eggs light and fluffy.

3. Use a light hand with ingredients.

I love omelets full of good stuff, but the best ones I’ve had actually let the eggs shine and use fillings as a supporting cast. Don’t overload your omelet with ingredients, or you’ll find that it’s difficult to cook.

4. Keep heat medium-low.

For your omelet to cook perfectly and evenly, keep your heat at a medium-low level. You should get a slight sizzle when you pour the eggs into the pan.

5. Finish under the broiler.

My all-time favorite omelet trick: Once your omelet is close to being done, place the omelet, pan and all, under the pre-heated broiler of your oven for 30-45 seconds. This provides just enough heat to finish cooking the inside and makes folding the omelet over incredibly simple. My favorite omelet ingredients are basil, fresh tomato and a little bit of Gouda cheese. My husband, on the other hand, loves meat in his omelet. He prefers shaved ham, Gouda and basil. No matter what you put in your omelet, I promise these tips will help you become an omelet-making pro in no time!


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