Celebrate the Sandwich: Your Family’s Simplest, Most Versatile, Time-Saving Menu Item

My weekday lunch throughout grade school was very consistent: a bologna sandwich, a snack and a cold drink I bought at school (milk, chocolate milk or orange drink). It was usually served up in the now eco-unfriendly brown paper bag. My Mom always printed my name on the bag as she dutifully prepared lunch for me every morning. The constant of eating a bologna with mayo on white bread, five days a week, was by choice. Like many children, I was a creature of habit—comforted by routine instead of bored by it. Not to mention, the jelly can soak through the bread of a PB&J sandwich if there is too much on it. This leaves an unappetizing bruise on your sandwich. Yuck.

The Sandwich: A Hall of Fame, MVP Utility Player

I do not eat bologna much anymore. But school lunches are probably how I first fell in love with sandwiches. My appreciation for this menu item has only intensified over the years. Perhaps it’s because of the under appreciated utility of the sandwich.

1. Broad nutritional span

From the fried decadence of a Monte Cristo sandwich to a sandwich with a lighter set of ingredients, they can reach either extreme of the nutrition spectrum and even include all five of the food groups.

2. Appropriate for any meal

Lunch is obviously where the sandwich shines. But it can play a role in breakfast and dinner as well. Sandwich Recipes

3. Simple to make

At its most basic, a sandwich is as simple as two pieces of bread and a slice of lunchmeat. And while it can take more time to create from there, even a more involved sandwich won’t take too long to pull together. Whether it’s a lunch packing station or a buffet, there is more than one way to get your family in on the sandwich-making fun. And you can make and take sandwiches just about anywhere.

4. Endless combinations

From bread and the “heart” of the sandwich to condiments and even presentation, you’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to new and different sandwich combinations. I hope that the above facts have convinced you that sandwiches are your family’s simplest, most versatile, time-saving menu item!


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