15 Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas

Some kids are creatures of habit who can happily eat a sandwich (maybe even the same sandwich) every day for years. Other kids like more variety. Or maybe they have to stay away from things like the gluten that's in most bread. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch things up in your kid’s lunchbox, I’ve got you covered with packed lunches that aren't sandwiches. Dig in:
  1. Pack yogurt and toppings in different containers. This is a good way to change things up on a daily basis.
  2. Mold hard-boiled eggs into different shapes with plastic egg molds. Kids have a blast with these!
  3. Pita chips and hummus are an easy option, and you can mix things up by using different flavors of hummus.
  4. High protein peanut butter muffins are great because the kids think they’re getting a special treat, but you know what they're really getting is the protein their growing bodies need.
  5. A turkey bacon cobb salad wrap is awesome because you can change out the deli meat to whatever your child likes the most.
  6. Cheese, egg, ham and tomato muffins are full of things kids love, like cheese and ham, plus the tomatoes you love for them to eat!
  7. Make an apple tower by spreading apple slices with peanut butter and stacking together. Our kids like to assemble these themselves, so I send them to school with the apple slices, a plastic spoon, peanut butter in a little cup and the toppings (chocolate chips, dried fruit).
  8. Pack a container of dry cereal and a small container of milk. Get a variety pack of cereal at the store and let your child pick which one they want each day.
  9. Not all quesadillas have to be served hot. Lunchbox pizza quesadillas taste just as great at room temperature. And we all know kids love anything involving the world “pizza.”
  10. Pair crackers, meat and cheese with cut-up vegetables. Pre-portion everything out when you get home from the grocery store, and you'll be able to pack lunch in an instant on busy mornings.
  11. Pack tacos for lunch. Use lunchmeat instead of hot ground beef so you don’t have to worry about anything getting cold. Pack it with hard or soft tortillas, as well as your kid’s favorite taco toppings.
  12. Fill a thermos with warm scrambled eggs and cut-up pepperoni. My kids love this! You could swap out the pepperoni for bacon or sausage too.
  13. Warm up some mac and cheese and pack it in a thermos. Put a few slices of crumbled bacon or diced ham in a bag for your kids to add later.
  14. Stuff a pita pocket with lunchmeat and cheese. You can even send last night’s dinner in the pita (chicken with cheese would be great).
  15. Ladle warm soup or stew into a thermos. This is perfect on a chilly winter day – it will warm them up and fill them up.
No matter what you pack, remember that if your kids are eating it, it’s a good day!


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